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New Introductions 2017New Introductions 2017
This section is new items for 2017 This is being added to as the website is being updated for 2017
Begonia TuberosaBegonia Tuberosa
Available February, March & April
Fuchsia 84's Basket VarietiesFuchsia 84's Basket Varieties
Available in trays of 84 plugs February, March & April 2017
Fuchsia 84's Hardy & Upright VarietiesFuchsia 84's Hardy & Upright Varieties
Fuchsia 84's Giant VarietiesFuchsia 84's Giant Varieties
Giant types Suplied in 84 plug trays February March & April
Basket & Patio Plants 84'sBasket & Patio Plants 84's
Available Feb, March & April
Calibrochoa & Million BellsCalibrochoa & Million Bells
Available February, March & April
F1 Geraniums from SeedsF1 Geraniums from Seeds
Supplied in 240 and 84 plug trays Available January, February & March
Ivy (trailing) PelargoniumsIvy (trailing) Pelargoniums
Available February March April Sells out fast So Worth ordering well in Advance
New Guinea ImpatiensNew Guinea Impatiens
Available March & April to order
Available February, March & April.
Available in 60 plug trays from week 40 2016 till week 10 2017 please order early
Trailing Petunia & Surfinia Trays of 84'sTrailing Petunia & Surfinia Trays of 84's
Spring & Summer Bedding Plant Plugs (Seed Raised)Spring & Summer Bedding Plant Plugs (Seed Raised)
All the other seed raised items supplied in 240,350 & 400 plug trays Mainly available February,March. April & May
Verbena, Tapien, Temari and EstrellaVerbena, Tapien, Temari and Estrella
Zonal Pelargoniums (Geraniums)Zonal Pelargoniums (Geraniums)
Available in 40 Plug trays February, March, & April.
Regal PelargoniumsRegal Pelargoniums
Available as 40 Plugs from week 6 2017
Dianthus and ChrysanthemumDianthus and Chrysanthemum
Availble from October 2016 84 Plug Trays all VAT EXEMPT
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Cordyline plugs (limited Availability)
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